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testing blood for lactic acid

Lactate Stress Testing

Do you ever feel you are getting gassed right out of the gate, exhausted walking upstairs, frequent mouth breathing, feeling fatigued faster than you would expect? This can all be due to mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria is the “power-house” of the cell. This is where we produce energy within the body. By testing lactic acid levels, better referred to as lactate, we can better understand the function and overall health of your mitochondria within your cells producing energy for you.

Lactate is considered the mandatory byproduct of glycolysis – the breaking down of sugars. Lactate is a major energy source for your body produced during normal metabolism and exercise. Through our lactate testing, we can understand what your resting lactate levels are – AKA your baseline – and how well your cells are regulating lactate under distress while performing exercise.

Lactic Acid Testing: At Rest

$30 per Testing

Can be added as an accessory purchase during any visit or as a standalone visit.

*If you purchase the Lactate Test: Stress Test this purchase we be deducted from the program.*

Lactic Acid Testing: Stress Test

$550 program

8 sessions
Update sessions performed ~6 weeks apart.
1 hour duration per session
Spreadsheet over progress with counseling on exercise programming

What Is the Purpose of Lactate Testing?

Lactate testing helps us understand what your body is using as fuel – fat or sugars – and how well your body is utilizing and clearing lactate. By testing your lactate levels at rest and through a stress test, we can better identify certain parameters surrounding your current state of health. With this information we can then program exercise protocols to improve the efficiency of clearing lactate within your cells.

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What Does High Lactate Indicate?

High resting lactate levels indicate there is stress occurring within the cells producing energy. Without the capability to produce clean energy with low lactate levels, chronic stress, fatigue, and many health complications occur.

For you who struggle to lose weight, often your body is not burning fat at rest, it is burning sugars. This can cause extreme difficulty with weight loss. High lactate can be identified with our lactate testing. Researchers are looking into lactate as being a signaling molecule for cancers. Simply, we want low lactate levels at rest and while aerobic conditioning for optimal health and longevity.

What Is a Normal Lactate Level?

At rest, ideal lactate levels should be roughly between 0.5 – 1 mmol/L. Without equipment to analyze your lactate levels, identifying your resting lactate levels becomes impossible to know.

Depending on what type of exercise you are performing – aerobic training, anerobic training, stability training, strength training – there may be varying levels of lactate production.

How Can I Check My Lactate Levels?

There is equipment you can purchase for at home use. The test strips can be quite expensive and, unless you are an information junky, they are not necessarily needed. For many, it is smarter to have a facility, like ours, measure your lactate levels.

Our lactate testing protocol is different than many facilities. We are not a research facility but a healthcare clinic. Our protocol and goal for lactate testing is to test and provide relevant exercise and training feedback for non-elite endurance athletes.

What Are Symptoms of Lactic Acid Build Up?

Lactic acid is the byproduct of working out – hard. Strength training and running fast produce lactic acid. This produces DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. By improving lactic acid clearance within the cell, a person can train harder – going longer. This is beneficial for all aspects of health from eliminating pain to restoring health to optimizing health.

Is Lactate Testing Covered by My Insurance?

Lactate testing is not a covered service by insurances. It is considered investigational/experimentative regarding medical necessity. Insurance does not cover preventative health, only medical necessity.

Lactate Measuring Equipment

edge lactate monitor

Edge Lactate Monitor

Edge Lactate Test STrips

Edge Lactate Test Strips

sterilized lancets

Sterilized Lancets

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