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PEMF Therapy in Wichita, KS

"A harmonious magnetic field is the king and the answer to the body’s mystery and health."
– Paracelsus (1482)

Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) Therapy is bringing healthcare services into the modern era. For decades, we have used electromagnetic equipment to improve our lives through Diagnostic Ultrasounds (DU), Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Bluetooth Technologies and more. The use of electromagnetic equipment has been an amazing game changer for diagnosing and monitoring health-related conditions.

It’s time to move beyond using this technology for monitoring and diagnosing health-related conditions and start integrating this technology into the service-spectrum of healthcare. PEMF Therapy is profound in that it can do many things to help recovery from injuries and diseases, while improving sports-related performance or optimizing health for biohackers.

PEMF Therapy Prices

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Why is PEMF Therapy a Game Changer?

Electromagnetic Therapy is well researched with over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles. After a 4-year study led by Dr. Thomas Goodwin, PhD, of NASA, NASA concluded PEMF Therapy was the most effective therapy in healing and regeneration.1 This multiyear research study conducted by NASA is instrumental to healthcare and specifically healthcare services. Health is about healing injured, strained, or overworked tissue (muscles, ligaments, nerves, organs, etc.). Now that the research supports PEMF therapies in treating regeneration and therefore healing, we can utilize this amazing technology in healthcare practices. Implementing this technology into your recovery program will help maximize results in the timeliest fashion which technology can produce to-date.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

To understand how PEMF therapy works, you must understand a few basic energy laws or principles. When ions or electrons move, an electrical current is produced. Electrical currents produce magnetic fields or magnetic currents. This is also true in reverse. If there is a dynamic or pulsating magnetic field, an electrical current is produced. Instead of using electrical currents via TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units, we can now use magnetic currents to produce the same desired effect. The magnetic field moves ions or electrons throughout the body.

A macro goal of your body is to break down food correctly, to donate electrons inside your mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell), to produce ATP. ATP is the energy source your body requires to function, heal from an injury, heal from a disease, and to thrive throughout the day. Think of ATP as the gasoline in your car. If you do not put gasoline in your car, or if there is a ‘clog’ along the way, then your car does not run correctly or at all. ATP production is vital to all life. Without this process, working life does not occur. With this system working less efficiently, injuries, disease-states, lack of focus and lack of energy will occur.

Furthermore, if food is not breaking down correctly and mixing with oxygen, then we cannot donate electrons along the electron transport chain (ETC) correctly. As a result of electrons not being donated correctly, ATP production is hindered from helping with the billions of functions it facilitates to not only to thrive but to sustain life.

To help jumpstart the process of your healing journey or maximize your health toward optimization, we can now mobilize ions and electrons throughout your entire body at one time to help create functional ATP. We no longer need to “spot” treat – as with TENS units or lasers. You can have a treatment plan which helps you stimulate healing and regeneration to take your life back into your hands.

chiropractor monitoring weightlifter rehabilitation

PEMF Compared to a Battery

In essence, PEMF recharges your cells – similar to how you recharge your cellphone battery at night. All cells – in a phone, computer, or the body – have a charge. A battery, by definition, is a device which stores chemical energy and then converts that energy into electricity. This process of converting energy in the body ends within the mitochondria. A battery in a computer is made of many units of cells which convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. Just like a battery in a computer, your body converts chemical energy into mechanical energy or electricity.

Why Use PEMF Therapy Over TENS Therapy and Laser Therapy?

For decades in rehabilitation, there has been the use of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) also referred to as e-stim (electrical stimulation) units and laser therapy. These therapies can be beneficial, but each has their own drawbacks when compared to PEMF therapy.


TENS and Laser Therapy

Small treatable field or area of the body
Tissue resistance – must increase intensity to produce results which may increase soreness
Limited waveforms
Limited conditions
Cannot improve full body blood flow/circulation

Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) Therapy

Can treat the entire body at the same time
Has no resistance from/to the body – i.e. it can get to any depth of the body
Many waveforms
Significant known conditions to be of benefit
Can address full body blood flow/circulation

John Zimmerman, co-inventor of the SQUID magnetometer, noted PEMF therapy does not have a tissue resistance to treatment while electrical fields and electrical currents do. Also, he noted, there is not a need for direct contact (device on skin) with PEMF therapy which is not true for TENS and Laser Therapies. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig ScD PhD with the Institute for Biophysics notes “Magnetic field therapy is a method that penetrates the whole human body and can treat every organ without chemical side effects.” These are very powerful statements for the pros of PEMF Therapy vs. other types of medical interventions, including medications.

Throughout the TENS device’s evolution, some practitioners moved from using e-stim pads into stimulating tissue with needles. This allowed for deeper tissue stimulation to produce desired effects for some conditions or situations. Along the way, various proactive practitioners then started using e-stim units with acupuncture or dry needles to get reach further into the body. However, there have been limitations – effective depth, tissue resistance, risk of puncturing lung fields, nerves, etc. Now, through PEMF Therapy, we can address all tissues in the body at the same time. There is no need to treat only the local area. Through PEMF, all cells can be positively affected, not purely local tissue to a TENS unit.

The Importance of Addressing All Cells at the Same Time

Through PEMF Therapy, we can address all cells within the body at the same time. This is profound. Even NASA concluded many health benefits, including healing fractured bones up to 4 times faster when using PEMF Therapy vs. traditional casting alone. Think of this implication in healing and sports-recovery. By being able to address all tissues within the body at the same time, you can address many issues at once, improving efficiency while decreasing the total cost of care for recovery.

What Conditions Can PEMF Treat or Help With?

There are almost 300 researched and known conditions PEMF Therapy can be beneficial for. Here is a small list.

  • Wound healing2

  • Blood Flow/Circulation3

  • Osteoarthritis4

  • Bone Fractures5

  • Torn Cartilage6

  • Inflammation7

  • Auto-Immune Conditions8

  • Impingement Syndrome9

  • Aerobic Training10

  • Edema11

The Importance of Addressing All Cells at the Same Time

Through PEMF Therapy, we can address all cells within the body at the same time. This is profound. Even NASA concluded many health benefits, including healing fractured bones up to 4 times faster when using PEMF Therapy vs. traditional casting alone. Think of this implication in healing and sports-recovery. By being able to address all tissues within the body at the same time, you can address many issues at once, improving efficiency while decreasing the total cost of care for recovery.

PEMF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on any item below to learn more about Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) Therapy.

What Side Effects May I Feel with PEMF Therapy?

Most will not feel anything other than an occasional tingling effect, known as the Reverse-Rouleau Effect. The Reverse-Rouleau Effect can produce this tingling by improving the Sodium-Potassium gradient. This gradient is vital to life. There should be a positive charge on the outside of the cell and a negative charge on the inside of the cell. When cells do not have this charge, they clump together. When recharging the cells to have a correct Sodium-Potassium gradient, there can be a tingling effect.  

What is the Rouleau Effect?

The Rouleau Effect occurs when red blood cells start clumping together within the capillaries (small arteries). This is a big problem. Red blood cells need to pass through the arteries and into the veins. Only one RBC can pass through the capillaries and venules (smallest veins) at a time. If the RBCs cannot pass through, due to clumping, release of oxygen cannot occur and therefore the oxygen cannot get where it needs to produce ATP. PEMF Therapy can charge red blood cells to oppose each other – similar to two north pole magnetics opposing each other – allowing them to pass through the capillaries and into the veins. This can have a profound impact on healing from injuries and diseases.

Are There Contraindications to PEMF Therapy?

Yes. Those who are pregnant, epileptic, less than 2 weeks old, and those who have electronic implants such as a pacemaker are not allowed to use PEMF Therapy.

Does My Insurance Cover PEMF Therapy?

Currently, PEMF Therapy is a non-covered service by insurance.

Can I Use My HSA Or Flex Card for PEMF Therapy?

Yes, you can use your HSA or Flex Card for PEMF Therapy. Being a healthcare clinic, HSA and Flex Cards are an acceptable form of payment.

Content Written by Dr. Keith Sparks, DC |Owner ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic
Content Reviewed by Dr. Rachel Sparks, DC | Owner ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic

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